Squeeze Pages Made Simple!

Our company has tested out hundreds of different squeeze page variations...

We've discovered the ones that work like a charm - and the ones that don't fair so well.

Now we reveal the nature and the anatomy of a good squeeze page and how you can create and use one yourself!

Video Training

8 minutes and 8 seconds long video in MP4 format. Download it instantly and watch it on your computer, tablet and/or mobile device.

Audio Training

This is the video's audio track, exported as an MP3 if you want to listen instead of watching... or in addition to watching. Heck, burn it onto a CD and listen to it in the car if you prefer.

Mind Maps

This is a mind map that documents each key point and step in the video training series. Can be opened and viewed with free mindmapping software!

Top Notch Support

Support can be reached at support.bareessencesqueezepages.com - we have full time support on weekdays and limited support on weekends.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is our goal. Try out our training for 30 days. Within that time, if you're unsatisfied in any way, you can get a full refund...no questions asked!

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