My Best Converting Squeeze Pages
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These types of squeeze pages have been battled-tested with hundreds of thousands of optins. Perhaps millions.

I bet you make one or all of the following squeeze page blunders. You:

  1. Use video on your squeeze pages (d'oh!)
  2. Put "your information will never be shared with anyone" near your opt-in form
  3. Use double optin, or worse, single optin in the "traditional sense"

If you do any of the above... I guarantee you're losing subscribers... and profits... by the boatload. I've made all those mistakes myself.

My problem was following
"conventional wisdom"...

The gurus were doing all those things, so they had to be what worked best, right?


How do I know better? Well, I've had the luxury of testing NEW and different squeeze page concepts on over 6 figures worth of clients. Both my own, and for my clients.

I learned a lot over the years.

One thing I learned: the type of squeeze pages that work best are not anywhere near what you'd think.

Case in point...

I had a client who was about to get a massive stream of traffic to his squeeze page. I told him if he used the squeeze page he currently had, he'd basically be waving bye bye to half of the traffic immediately.

Then I showed him the type of squeeze page he should use instead.

He was almost insulted. He probably thought I was off my rocker with what I suggested. Yet he respected me enough that upon my insisting, he went with it.

Then the traffic flooded in. Nearly 5000 visitors hit that squeeze page in less than 24 hours. 4,192 of them had signed up.

Yeah, you read that right...

An 84% opt-in rate...

By the next day it actually climbed to over 90%. When the dust had settled there were 5,000 fresh, new subscribers.

What if a "traditional" squeeze page was used instead? Would you have settled for 2000 subscribers instead of 5000?

I hope not!

Jason Fladlien here, and when it comes to squeeze pages I know a thing or two.

On the right you see just a few of my lists. Below is the income those lists have been responsible for

the last 16 months, roughly:

I've tried everything over the years to get my squeeze pages to convert as best as possible.

What I discovered is there is one formula that wins hands down almost on every single occasion.

It's what I call it...

The Bare Essence Squeeze Page Formula

I've put this formula into a simple training program - and I also tossed in some templates you can swipe and use yourself for instant squeeze page success.

Here's what you're going to discover as you go through this short, yet powerful training:

How to write your headline and
"hook" for your squeeze page

Your Investment: $29.95...
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You might think $29.95 is a suspicious price tag to put on this training.

I mean, if this information was so good, why am I willing to part with it for such a tiny little investment?

Here's why: I'm in the business of making great deals. If I can hook you up with a great product today at a great price - I hope it will set the tone to a wonderful business relationship between you and I.

Then, if I introduce you to some of the other products I've created, you'll be all the more receptive to it.

In addition...

The Reason Why Your Risk Is $0.00

Because of the no questions asked money back guarantee. Listen: I don't care if it's one hour from now, or 3 weeks from now - if you ain't happy, I ain't happy.

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If it's not for you, don't even give me a reason why you want your money back.

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Wednesday November 14, 2018

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Bonus 2:
Done For You Squeeze Pages

These are three proven, high converting templates you can use immediately to improve your existing squeeze pages... or even for creating new ones.

This does include the same template that my client got over a 90% conversion on...

Bonus 3:
The "Golden" Email Autoresponder Sequence

I call it that because it's almost universally applicable to any list for any offer.

Once you have a list, use this 12 step email to convert subscribers into buyers.

You basically fill in the blanks and spend a few seconds changing a few things and you're done. Click, publish, and profit!

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P.S. These "4 minute or less" squeeze pages don't require any fancy software. In fact, you can use them with 100% free tools.